Memes that Will Break Your Boredom

1. That moment when you insulted a soldier and he decided to let you go then you climb a bike and decides to insult him again and the bike refuse to kick, BRO YOUR VILLAGE PEOPLE ARE AT WORK 2. When you visit your girl and you used the toilet and it refuses to flush you will be like: My village people show ur face I know you are here. 3. Crushing on a girl is the best, no bills, no stress just think of her in your mind and smile like a mad man😝😝😝. 4. Some Naija girls like food too much that when you take them to the zoo and ask them their favorite animal they will say roasted chicken. 5. Please can we uninstall this 2020 and install another one this one has virus. 6. First time in history that China product is lasting. If you know you know 7. Me in this lockdown 8. Ah 9. I don't understand oo 10. Boom 11. Lost game 12. I can relate 13. So painful 14. Hahaha 15. Hmm 16. Lol
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1. I quarrelled with my EDO girlfriend and now she have traveled to her village, she even sent me a picture of her in d shrine, I think she wants to become a photographer😂😂 2. Gone are the days when Yoruba people Cook food and add pepper, now they cook pepper and add food inside, IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW 3. Dating a village girl is not the problem, the problem is when you buy her a Rose flower, then the next day you received call from her saying Baby thank you for the vegetables you bought for me yesterday, buh I don't know why they tasted somehow. 4. Am just thinking how life after dis lockdown will be for students. Hmmm 5. I went to buy bread from the next street then on getting home I saw Jehovah Witness knocking at my door, I just kuku follow them to knock until they got tired and went away. 6. The beds some girls have slept on in this life is eno…

16 Funny Memes That Will Crack Your Ribs

1. Today every one in my house were complaining there is no money, my father came out and said he was going to his friends place, my mum said she was going to market, and my senior Bro said he was going to Church, so o decided to go and withdraw my last five thousand from the ATM down the street then boom we all met there 2. Remove your four fingers from the back of your phone and see the miracle that will happen 3. The only thing I like in this country is the fact that you can urinate any where. 4. Please we haven't heard from Marlians for a while now o, Abi Corona don control the crowd? 5. This was how ladies dress in those days until Satan became a tailor 6. Nine moths after lockdown be like: 7. If you know you know 8. Chai edey paid. 9. And its true ooo 10. Oh thank you Jesus 11. I dont even know what to call this12. That pain 13. Hmm super woman 14.that's how they starts 15. our brothers have done it again

Battle of Beauty Between Tiwa Savage and Simi; Who is More Beautiful

The Nigerian Music Industry is full of beautiful Female Artiste. Where there are beautiful people there must surely be the most beautiful out of thrm. We will be comparing two talented Female artistes in the Nigeria Music industry '' Tiwa Savage and Simi'' It would be nice knowing which one is among the two is the prettiest. This two names are big and top people in the industry. First we will be looking at a brief description of them: Simi The Duduke crooner is an influential person in the industry and she is known to have one of the most pretiest voice in the inudstry, the multi award winning musician just put to bed, and her song ''duduke'' has been on the top playlist for a while now. She is currently married to a legendary Nigerian Singer Adekunle Gold. See pictures of her below:

Now lets have look at another beautiful Artiste

Meet US Based Cross-Dresser Who Looks Like Bobrisky

Gone are the days when people frown at those who behave differently from them. This days this have changed and take a different turn, many people showcase their Uniqueness and display it for everyone to see, this happens mostly on social media. In Nigeria most cross dressers displays themselves mostly on social media and they recieve fame rather than backlash, many of those people have become celebrities and have large numbers of fans who supports them. One of such people in Nigeria is the Controversial cross dresser Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky. The young man rose from being despised to being love by many people all over the country now. Unknown to many, there is a 23-year old United States based cross dresser who could pass Bobrisky in the game. The young female who is known as Cliff Vmir is a 23 years old music artist and hair stylist. He was said to become famous by selling hair extensions and products. The Instagram famous young man is said to have always wanted to …