Ten Commandments for Every Nigerian Abroad and Those Planning to Go Abroad

Here are the ten commandments for every Nigerian abroad or planning to travel abroad.
1. Thou shall leave with a plan
2. Thou shalt not waste an Opportunity.
3. Thou shalt consistently Overcome
4. Thou shalt stay True to Green White Green
5. Thou shalt Represent
6. Thou shalt connect with other Nigerians
7. Thou shalt be open minded and Inclusive
8. Thou shalt keep Eye on Home
9. Thou shalt be honest about his Exeperience
10.Thou shalt give back
We all want a better life but we also owe one o those that cant leave theirs.
If you ever get the chance to venture out, leave with Nigeria forever in your heart
Naow lets review and have an expository Look at the Commandments again.
1. Thou Shalt Leave With a Plan;
Success abroad is not easy but with a plan it is possible.
Do not leave Nigeria without a plan. Set your objectives, make them clear and see the required path.
Only leave when you have an aim you must achieve, along with the clarity on on the many steps needed to reach your goal.
Leaving Nigeria is not a fairytale For example, as an African in Russia, i assure you that a beleif in your plan will be what guides you through most days.
Even family wont be enough.
Alot of us want to leave and make something out of life but many never consider that they may be leaving for worst.
2. Thou shalt not waste an Opportunity;
In every opportunity that comes to you, give your absolute vest, it is the Nigerian way abroad.
Be great, leaving home is not a call for rest.
You travel abroad to work harder than you've ever done before because finaly outside of Nigeria there are direct rewards.
Do not be complacent just because the plane landed and the pilot says 'welcome to New York City'
Get off the plane, go through customs and leave your mark on every opportuniity so there will be no doubt that a Nigerian was there and the Nigerian left no stone unturned.with this attitude you will always overcome.
3. Thou Shalt Consistently Overcome:
We dont have honest enough conversation in Nigeria about what lives is like outside the country.
Untill we make the sufficient paradigm shift back home, you must overcome, by any legal means necessary.
Whatever your plan is for leaving home hols unto it.
4. Stay True to Green White Green:
People are always going to be people.
Some of us will make mistakes that are nore costly than others.
Make the choice that will make you and the Nation proud.
5. Thou shalt Represent:
Nigeria is not a country of have-nothing we are country of have-everything. Don't forget that.
Dont lose tat hope and confident chip on your shoulder.
6. Connect with other Nigerians:
All those pains you feel being so far away from home., you are not alone reach out and let one of us help relate with other buddies.
7. Thou Shalt be Opened Minded:
Let us share our rich culture with others, mix with the world outside, bring strong values to a home that greatly needs reshaping.
8. Thou shalt keep an Eye on Home
Wherever you go, we must do our vest as individuals, give back to the communities that enrichh m us, while keeping an eye at home.
Nigeria is our responsibility and we are to be blames for what people think of it today.
No forget mama wey suffer for you even na small you get send for her.
9. Thou Shalt be Honest About Experience:
Bow that you have experienced the live outside share your real experience. spread the truth.
And finally Thou Shalt Give Back:
Everything listed above boils down to putting ourselves in a situation where we can give back, trough our work, gestutes and conversation.
The Change we want to see is waiting at our finger tips.
The goal is to help foster a world where everybody feels the courage and freedom to chase a dream.
Hope this was helpful to you.
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