Memes that Will Break Your Boredom

1. That moment when you insulted a soldier and he decided to let you go then you climb a bike and decides to insult him again and the bike refuse to kick, BRO YOUR VILLAGE PEOPLE ARE AT WORK
2. When you visit your girl and you used the toilet and it refuses to flush you will be like: My village people show ur face I know you are here.
3. Crushing on a girl is the best, no bills, no stress just think of her in your mind and smile like a mad man😝😝😝.
4. Some Naija girls like food too much that when you take them to the zoo and ask them their favorite animal they will say roasted chicken.
5. Please can we uninstall this 2020 and install another one this one has virus.
6. First time in history that China product is lasting. If you know you know
7. Me in this lockdown
8. Ah
9. I don't understand oo
10. Boom
11. Lost game
12. I can relate
13. So painful
14. Hahaha
15. Hmm
16. Lol
17. So true
18. Haba
19. Testimony next Sunday
20. After corona toasting be like:: you are the virus in my throat, am dying for you slowly
Which number got you laughing Please follow and coment f


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